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Where my train of thought derails and all who witnessed the incident point and laugh.

So this is the world from the point of view of that nerdy weirdo in Harry Potter dress robes giggling over fanfiction in the corner.
I am a Nerdfighter and a Gryffindor. I fangirl over Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Legend of Korra, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Disney, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, and Merlin.
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okay seriously if you’re in a relationship or even a friendship and you find yourself spending more time crying out of sadness or arguing with them, leave them. i don’t care if they’re a modern day aphrodite/adonis or a gift bestowed upon you by the gods. toxic people are dangerous and i highly advise cutting them out of your life and finding someone who makes you laugh until you snort your drink out your nose instead.

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Hey guys my emotionally abusive mom is about to pull me out of school and kick me out of the house, so I might need a place to temporarily crash this summer, just until I can get a job and save up a little money.  If you live in the DC/Maryland area, or just somewhere along the east coast, could you maybe message me?   

Also, if you don’t could you please reblog this so it gets around?

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is there anything weirder than waking up after a dream and all the details are still fresh in your mind so you’re just like what the FUCK WAS THAT WHY DID I THINK THAT WAS NORMAL HOW DID DREAM ME NOT QUESTION THAT

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science side of tumblr? explain?

levitate egg sackiatoo

yeah okay thanks hp fandom

the burning candle uses up all the oxygen in the bottle, which creates and a vacuum, and the resulting suction makes the egg go nyooom.

Thank you science side
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how did he have that ready to go

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my dad and sister came home and they went to the salvation army and brought home some chairs and i said “you shouldn’t buy from them because they discriminate gays” and my dad sarcastically replied “well then no gay asses have sat in our chair” and i said “i can change that” and sat in one that is how i accidentally came out to my family

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"we’d better upgrade their surveillance status"

inspired by x
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